Hand Crafted Furniture

Greg is world-renowned for his craft. His creations are in more than 20 countries and in the homes of many famous people such as President Bill Clinton, Former Presidents George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter; Former Vice President Dan Quayle, Paul Harvey, Bob Hope, George Burns, Pope John Paul II, John Glenn, and many others. In addition, his famous “Plantation Rocker” was presented to all the Southern Governors in 1990.
Each piece of furniture is hand made – not machine made. Greg uses a “green and dry” wood technique for his chairs which results in a durable piece of furniture – truly an heirloom which will be passed down for generations. All the furniture is pegged so no nails are used.
Greg uses all hardwoods such as red oak, walnut, hickory, persimmon, and others. You can also select either cane or hickory bark for the weaving material used for the bottoms and backs of the chairs. Greg’s favorite is the hickory bark because of its durability. The bark is retrieved and prepared by Greg specifically for this purpose.
The finish of each piece of furniture is of Greg’s mixture with a beeswax base which permeates the wood for a lasting finish.
Because each piece of furniture is made by hand, Greg can modify the size and height of the chair for your particular need. There are basic prices for each style of chair; however, prices vary depending on the type of wood, weaving material, and special modifications you desire.

Selected Work

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