Chair-making Classes by Greg Harkins

Call Greg for information:  (601) 201-1480

classes for hand-made chairsIf you or a loved one ever wanted to see how chair-making was done in the good old days, please read on.

Greg Harkins is one of the best and most renowned chair-makers of our time. He wants to share his craft with as many people as he can. His chairs are owned by many U.S. presidents, governors, congressmen, and celebrities so he must be doing something right. Greg teaches the techniques of woodworking that goes back as far as the mid 1800’s. Every tree he uses is hand picked, every piece hand turned, and every seat hand woven. He even signs and dates every piece and guarantees it for life.  He wants to pass on and preserve these skills.

Greg offers a truly unique experience in his chair-making classes that allows the student to work on their own chair using the the same steps that were followed over 200 years ago.  An old master mentored Greg and he wants to share the blessing of his craft.  The whole process of making a chair takes about 25 hours. That means if you sign up for a class be ready to get to work and it ain’t gonna take an afternoon.


chair workshop
As you can see the shop is big! We can fit a good number of people in here and do a great demonstration. When we do a class it is a usually no more than 4 people as to keep the class size manageable and everyone get the personal attention they deserve.